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South Wales Echo, March 10, 2011


City Have Real On the Run ; On March 10, 1971, Cardiff City Beat Real Madrid at Ninian Park in an Historic 1-0 Victory in the European Cup Winners' Cup. Here We Recreate the Echo's Back Page Match Report

CARDIFF CITY REAL s 1CLARK 31 0 BOOKINGS Peter King Velazquez De Felipe Attendance: 47,500 Referee: Vital Loroux (Belgium) REAL Madrid, the Emperors of European football, are on the run. Cardiff City,Britain's solitary victors in the Cup winners' Cup last night with their stirring 1-0 defeat of the Spaniards, have planted one foot firmly in the semi-finals. The second instalment of the gripping quarter-final is at the huge 125,000 Bernabau Stadium in Madrid, on Wednesday, March 24. City manag...

Big Brian Talks of His Dream Goal

BRIAN Clark, the striker who cannot be certain of playing in the League game at Blackburn on Saturday, headed Cardiff City to their most famous European triumph of all against Real Madrid amid the fever of Ninian Park's 47,500 crowd last night. After the champagne celebration and the babble of interviews for the eyes and ears of Spain, Clark talked quietly in the sanctuary of the dressing room to describe how his dream had come true.

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